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Odoo ERP for Real Estate

Streamline property management, close deals faster, and enhance client relationships with Odoo’s powerful and integrated platform.

Transform Your Real Estate Business with Odoo

 In the real estate sector, Odoo offers tailored solutions to manage properties, automate sales processes, and enhance customer relationships. By leveraging Odoo’s powerful tools, real estate businesses can optimize their workflow, reduce operational costs, and ultimately, drive growth and profitability.

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Features of using Odoo in Real Estate

Essential Key Benefits of Odoo’s Real Estate Solutions:

  • Streamlined property management
  • Simplified sales and leasing processes
  • Efficient communication with clients and partners
  • Comprehensive financial management and reporting
  • Integrated marketing and lead generation tools
  • Customizable workflows and automation

Odoo Modules for Real Estate

An overview of Odoo modules and third-party integrations specifically designed for real estate businesses

Property Management

CRM and Lead Management

Marketing Automation

Document Management

Accounting and Invoicing

Analytics and Reporting


Most frequent questions and answers
Odoo offers a centralized platform to manage properties, track vacancies, handle maintenance requests, and monitor lease agreements. This allows for better organization and streamlined operations, saving time and effort.
Yes, Odoo’s CRM module simplifies lead tracking, automates follow-ups, and provides insightful analytics. This helps agents close deals faster and make data-driven decisions.
Odoo’s communication tools, including email marketing and live chat, enable real estate businesses to engage with clients and prospects effectively, fostering stronger relationships and improving customer satisfaction.

Absolutely! Odoo’s accounting module streamlines invoicing, expenses tracking, and financial reporting, providing real-time insights into your real estate business’s financial health.

As an official Odoo partner, we offer comprehensive support for implementation, customization, and training. Our team of experts ensures a seamless transition and ongoing assistance tailored to your real estate business’s requirements.

We believe that digitizing businesses is not only about good software, it should also come with proper team training and 24/7 local support on usage and best practices, and this is exactly what we do in Arabic, Turkish, and English language. 

It depends on the level of support you need and how many employees you have for training. But have a peace of mind it will be for the sure the best offer in the Market. 


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