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Oil and Gas Industry

Sanarise Industrial has the right solutions for generating and providing energy. Our products are used in power plants worldwide. Regardless of global trends, our expertise and knowledge of the fuels that power the world economy will continue to be in demand. Renewable energy demands are causing an increase in the energy production industry. Some products that Sanarise provide for this industry include oil coolers, main tank heat exchangers and exhaust gas heat exchangers. These products can be combined to create a CHP (Combined Heat and Power) system that will keep the engine cool and can also recover heat from exhaust gas, which can be used to heat a water circuit.‎


Our Products

‎We keep the rhythm of the Heating and Cooling sector. Various heat exchangers that we manufacture for our‎‎ valued customers; Ammonia Coolers, Air Cooled Heat Exchangers, Cooling Towers, We promise to bring together the best quality and best price in Body Pipe Heater, Heating Apparatus, Body Pipe Condensers, Body Pipe Evaporators, Water-Oil Cooler Heaters, Pressure Containers, Serpentines, Direct Contact Condenser (Reboiler), Radiators, Plate Heat exchangers, Condenser & Evaporator‎‎ products.‎

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